I am a missionary who serves with Alongside Ministries in Prague, Czech Republic.  Originally from a farm in Southwest Iowa, I went to school at Wabash College in Indiana and have lived in Prague since 2011.

I endeavor to serve God, make Him know to those around me, grow in relationship with him, and help others do the same.

The means to achieve that last bit varies.  But for now, it involves coaching 2 levels of American football (U19 and adults) for the Prague Lions, serving with a Czech church, and the ever present reality of attempting to learn the language here.  I am also on the coaching staff of the Czech National Team. Football is a means for me to be apart of guys’ lives, build into them, and help them become better men and leaders.  Football also serves as a platform to preach the gospel, through being apart of guy’s lives, how we coach, and how we live our own lives.

TaCesta is the name of the Czech church I serve in.  TaCesta is Czech for The Way or The Journey.  It is led by a group of men who want to do church differently, remain relevant in an ever changing culture, and create a modern church movement for people in the 21st century.

Lately, I have also started studying for my master’s degree at TCMI. TCMI is an institute based in Austria that offers degrees that are accredited in the United States. I chose them because they are a seminary that is in the field and involved in the lives of people and groups I work with on a daily basis. We have parallel missions of serving and resourcing the local church.

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If you are interested in supporting my ministry, please click here.

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