Introduction I had an interesting experience here a few weeks ago. I was wondering about the best way to talk about it, or even if I should talk about it at all. The events are a bit unsettling. I decided that posting it here on my blog for those interested, as opposed to in one … More Violence


Language is a funny thing.  It is the one aspect of every day life that everybody needs, but almost no one considers.  Language is but one small aspect of communication, but it is the one that, if removed, causes us the most anxiety.  Many of us take pride in our language.  For some, it is … More Language


  Coffee.  That magic elixir that powers many of our mornings.  I maintain few luxuries in my life as a missionary, but a decent cup of coffee in the morning is almost nonnegotiable for me.  Coffee, to me, offers some measure of civility and stability in this world.  Coffee is the cornerstone of my morning … More Coffee

A Week in Football

I have a very unique job here in Prague.  In addition to working with a local church, I coach American style football for the Prague Lions.  And for those who don’t know, it is necessary to specify “American style.”  For this post, I will focus more on the football aspect.  I’ll give you a brief … More A Week in Football


  So often when I write something, the title and introductions are the last thing I write.  I have been like that since I was writing papers in high school.  My blogposts are no different.  I’ll give them a working title in order to be able to identify the posts in my drafts folder, but … More Leaving/Returning


It has been a tough few days.  A group of people went around Brussels with the intent to do as much harm as possible.  This attack follows an attack a few days ago in Turkey.  And then the Easter Sunday attack in Pakistan.  This was a post that I had originally intended to post after … More Terror


January is a weird time of year.  Ministry wise in Prague, I usually do not have much going on.  Junior season ends in November and outdoor practices for senior season don’t begin until March.  I usually help with some of our offseason and recruiting practices, but those are generally only once or twice a week … More January


Christmas season is upon us here in Iowa.  Christmas is a hard time for me because when I’m in Prague, I miss my family.  When I’m home with my family, I miss Prague.  I wrote in a letter to a friend that it seems paradoxical to me that on the most family centric holiday of … More Christmas


I am currently 2 months into a six month stateside furlough.  I’m finally starting to adjust to life back in the States.  Finding a work/life balance is difficult for me in the familiar surroundings of Prague, much less Griswold, Iowa.  I realize I am from this area and grew up here, and my documents all … More Stateside