January is a weird time of year.  Ministry wise in Prague, I usually do not have much going on.  Junior season ends in November and outdoor practices for senior season don’t begin until March.  I usually help with some of our offseason and recruiting practices, but those are generally only once or twice a week and don’t require near the planning that a regular season practice entails.  When I was in language school, obviously we still had class every day, but I had the afternoons and evenings more or less to myself.

Prague itself is very quiet once the Christmas markets shut down after the first week of the January.  The last few weeks of January and the first few weeks of February is really the only time of year where tourism takes a dip.  It’s nice to be able to get around the city, but there is a certain buzz about the city that’s gone in the dead of winter.

January 2016 is obviously a bit different for me since I’m stateside.  My first presentation of 2016 was to my home church.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of people supporting and praying for me.  It is always a pleasure to report back on all that God has done through the work that we do in Prague.

Currently, I am about half way through a three week road trip.  I’m trying to reconnect with various friends and supporters.  I started my trip by driving to Crawfordsville and Indianapolis.  Despite a few cancellations, my schedule was quite full.  I was able to meet and reconnect with quite a few friends during my time.  After having been away for a few years, it is amazing to see people in their next stages of life as they start careers and families.

It is hard for me to see Facebook updates on what all is going on in Prague with the Lions and TaCesta because I desperately want to be there and be involved in what is going on, but it has been great to be back in the States reconnecting with old friends.  I’m hopeful that in a few months (April 22, to be exact) that I can return to Prague fully funded and ready for another great period in ministry.

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