Everyday Stuff Introduction


The picture above is one of the more interesting sights that I have come across in my time here.  Due to what I am assuming is some sort of historical or architectural significance, this entire facade was saved while the building behind it was completely demolished.  Any sort of structural support is completely gone.  I snapped a few pictures with my phone and promptly forgot about it, until I started putting together this series of blog posts.

One of my goals as an American Christian living abroad in a different context is to provide a wider view of what the body of Christ is doing around the world, as well as what I do in my life and ministry here in Prague, to my friends and supporters back home.  Generally, I do this via newsletters every six to eight weeks.  Newsletters are great because they allow me to show the highlights of what God is doing here.  They offer a good look at the out-workings and results of what God is doing in the lives of the people around us.  The facade.  The problem with newsletters is that I don’t have the space to really go into the everyday stuff of life where most of my ministry actually happens.  The structure.  And without that everyday stuff, that structure, the facade, the reports, and the results just simply are not able to stand.  So I thought that, in addition to the highlights that I periodically send out, I would do some longer pieces on specific aspects of my life and ministry.  

My hope for this series is to first, provide a deeper look into my life and ministry here in Prague, as well as some of the challenges that living and working cross culturally brings.  Second, I hope to show how I demonstrate the love of Christ to the people in my everyday life.  Third, I hope to encourage you in your walks and everyday ministry and urge you on to show the love of Christ in your everyday lives. 

I would really like to provide an open and honest look into what I do here.  While a lot of my work has broader application, some of it is very specific to my situation here.  Which means that not all of it will resonate with all of the people who read these posts and, in fact, there may be areas that you disagree with.  That’s fine.

Some topics that I hope to cover include language, work, football, my actual daily schedule, and immigration (I am a foreigner here), as well as some church things like our Sunday service,  missional communities, and homeless ministry.  If there is a topic that you have a question about or would like to read about, please feel free to send me an email at micah@micahlembke.com.

For more information, I encourage you to check out material that has been put out by Soma Communities.  Their material has been very influential in the ministries that I am apart of here in Prague.  I’m currently reading the book Saturate, which, despite only being a few chapters in, is proving to be very influential in my own personal walk and ministry.  I also look forward to attending the Saturate Europe Conference next week in Poland.

So there you have it.  An introduction to a series of blogs that I hope will provide some insight into what I do on a day to day basis.  My prayer is that you will read them and be encouraged at what God is doing around the world, as well as possibly use some of the ideas in your own life.

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